How long will it take to produce my canvas?
Normally we produce canvases in around in 7 to 10 working days but if you do need it back quicker it’s best to discuss this, we normally say it’s not a problem!

Do you do any other sizes?
We manufacture all our frames in house which enables us to manufacture frames to your requirenments  at no extra cost

Can I hang my canvas in my bathroom?
Although our canvases are given two coats of artists varnish the damp environment of a bathroom can affect both the cotton canvas and the spruce frame and we would not recommend it.

I want my photo to have a wrap but there is not enough image available?
It’s best to use our free evaluation service, send the photo in and we can tell you whether we can add the correct amount of image wrap for you.

I’ve got my own scanner, should I scan the image before sending it?
We actually prefer to get your original photo, our scanning is included in the price and our scanners are calibrated to give like for like results.

I’ve got a print as well as an original digital file, which would you prefer?
We would prefer to have the original digital file.

I’ve got negatives and transparencies do I need to have them scanned first?
No, we scan in house up to A4 and have dedicated film scanners for 35mm neg and tranny, its all built into the price

Will the canvas match my print or digital file for colour?
If it’s from a digital file, it’s difficult to say yes as each computer monitor is set up slightly differently. If you supply a colour print as well we will match the canvas to that, otherwise we will make the best colour judgement based on the data supplied in the file.

Can I pay by credit card?
We offer payments by credit card through Paypal, this is totally secure and ensures you only give your card details  to a secure encrypted site and with paypal you do not even need to be a member.

Can I place and order and get it delivered elsewhere?
Yes you can

What do you charge for delivery?
Normal delivery charge to an Ontario address is $15.00

Copyright – how does it affect me?
By sending us your image, you are automatically acknowledging that you are the copyright owner of this image, or have obtained permission from the copyright owner in written form. Which permits us to print it in accordance with your order