There are 6.7 billion people on the earth and each person has a completely individual fingerprint. About two years ago we started working on a way to recreate your fingerprint as a piece of unique artwork, the perfected result we call “fingerprintArt”.

We have made the process of creating your own fingerprintArt very simple. There are  five canvas sizes to choose from, 16 different colour ways , with the addition of a coloured border on the front as per the sample on the left or a canvas where the fingerprint wraps around the side of the canvas in a gallery wrap.

Simply click on one of the order buttons below to be taken to a simple click and order menu to select the colour, frame or gallery wrap. Upon completion of order you will receive in the mail a simple to follow “fingerprint” kit comprising of an ink pad and instructions to take your own fingerprint. Once you are happy with the result, mail the selected fingerprint back to us and one of our designers will scan and create a digital version of your fingerprint and print it to canvas.

Please allow two weeks from receipt of the fingerprint kit back to us to your finished masterpiece being mailed.

16x16 Canvas - $210

20x20 Canvas - $240

24x24 Canvas - $310

30x30 Canvas - $355

40x40 Canvas - $400